Man On The Moon Fun Plate

  • Man On The Moon Fun Plate Recipe
  • Choo Choo Train Fun Plate
  • Choo Choo Train Fun Plate
  • Choo Choo Train Fun Plate
  • Under 10 minutes to prepare
  • Makes 1 Fun Plate
  • How to make

4 Organix cheese stars
2 wide slices of cheese
1/2 cherry tomato
1 slice of cucumber
1 carrot

Step 1

Peel the carrot and cut into batons about 4cm long. Drizzle with oil and roast in a moderately hot oven for about 20 minutes until golden. Using a sharp knife cut 2 slices of cheese from the largest face of the block. Then use a smaller knife to cut a moon shape and 3 star shapes from the cheese

Step 2

Put the Organix cheese stars onto a dark blue plate like stars in the night sky

Step 3

Add the sliced cheese moon and stars

Step 4

Finally, make a man to sit in the moon using tomato for his head, the cucumber slice for his body, 2 roasted carrot batons for his legs and another bent into an arm shape


  • Dairy ingredients

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