Learning & Development at Organix

We believe our people should be able to learn both personally and professionally when they are working at Organix. We are all on a life long learning journey and we practice the principles of a growth mindset. This all helps coming to work being more life enhancing.

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Growing our skills

We're always looking at ways to grow and develop new skills. Everyone has a Personal Development Plan and we encourage that these are regularly reviewed and updated. The whole team have had sessions for Insights - to understand each other better, Empowered Decision Making - to lead in our roles, Working in a Matrix -to work better together in our local and international teams and DEI - we bring our whole selves to work. If you're new here we run new sessions regularly so you won't be left behind. We develop as individuals too and have had people excel in MBAs and Mini MBAs, Professional Accounting Exams, Quality and Auditing qualifications to name just a few.
Organix Learning collage of activities

Learning New Things

In addition to our professional development, we’re doing everything we can to bring out the best in our team, be it through formal training, coaching, or trying out a new hobby with our very own Organix Learning Fund; a little pot of money to use towards learning something new unrelated to work - this year has included surfing and snowboarding, jewellery and weaving, barbering and cookery and a whole lot more.