Organix Tax Strategy Statement


Organix Tax Strategy Statement – Financial Year Ended 31st December 2018

Organix was created with a clear vision of a world where healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. That vision has guided our business since the beginning, long before it was popular to put purpose before profit, Organix was doing just that. It’s why we make great food for little people that's always organic, with no junk and clear labels, providing support for parents to make good food choices, with honest advice about what’s good to cook and eat. 

This tax strategy statement sets out how we at Organix manage our tax affairs.  The statement has been approved by the directors and is subject to periodic review.


Risk Management

In line with Organix’s overall ethos of contributing to a sustainable society, we always seek to pay the taxes that are rightly due in accordance with our commercial activities. Effective tax rate management is not a KPI within the Organix business.

To ensure compliance with relevant tax laws and to minimise errors within our tax reporting Organix has implemented and maintains policies and procedures in relation to taxation, which are managed by appropriately trained individuals within our Finance and Human Resources teams in the UK, along with support from Hero AG, our ultimate parent company, global finance and tax teams.  These policies and procedures are approved by and are under the control of the directors. Organix maintain a global risk register of which tax is a key factor.


Tax Planning

Organix adopts a prudent approach when managing its tax affairs. We are committed to paying the right amount of tax and will not act in a way that is not in line with the relevant tax laws. We will not enter into artificial arrangements for the purpose of tax avoidance.


Approach towards dealings with HMRC

We engage with HMRC, and all other tax authorities, in a fair and transparent manner and seek to maintain an open dialogue with tax authorities.  Where there is uncertainty or complexity regarding taxation matters, for example differing opinions of the treatment between our peers, we seek professional advice and, where appropriate, we engage with HMRC on a real- time basis to gain certainty on the approach taken.

To ensure compliance with the requirements set out in Clause 19 of Schedule 19 Part 2 Finance Act 2016, this tax strategy is published on our website.