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We have been working hard on improvements to our Soft Oaty Bars range, to reduce total sugar levels, use high-fibre ingredients, as well as switching to fully recyclable packaging. We have also followed Government guidance to ensure snacks for children are under 100kcal. For more information, please visit Changes we are Making.

Healthy snacks play a key part in developing a love of good food and helping fuel little tummies – so we will always strive to make only the best foods for your little ones. That means putting nothing unnecessary in our foods and making sure everything is in a suitably sized portion pack or with guidance on portion sizing by age. In the UK, public health guidance recommends that snacks for children do not exceed 100 kcals per portion, hence our Mini Gingerbread Biscuits are now under 100 kcals per bag – to help you make snack times even healthier.

You can be the first to learn about any upcoming changes to our foods here: Changes we are Making.

Any single or combination of fruit and veggies totalling 40g counts as 1 of your baby’s 5 a day – so where a meal contains, for example, 93g of fruit and veggies within the recipe, we will have stated that it includes 2 of your baby’s 5 a day. Please note that according to NHS guidelines, potato does not count towards 5 a day, which is why they are not included in the total of fruit/veg per recipe.

For dried fruit, the equivalent of 1 tbsp. counts as 1 of a child’s 5 a day.

Meal Pots should be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

We have different levels of risk regarding the presence of allergens or risk of cross contamination in our foods, and we want to give you as much information as possible to help you make a decision as to whether the food is suitable for your circumstances.

There’s a few ways you can find out:

On our packs

  • Any allergens that are present in our foods, including cereals containing gluten, are shown in bold in the ingredients list.
  • We also declare which allergens our foods may contain in our Safety Advice section on pack.  We carry out a risk assessment to determine whether an advisory statement is needed and try to avoid a blanket ‘may  contain' statement on our foods, as this can be equally unhelpful. Just because an allergen is present in the same factory, it doesn't necessarily mean there is a risk of cross contamination, and if this is not stated on our packs then the allergens are fully controlled to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

On our foods pages

  • Where you can find all the allergen information about each food.

Our food information sheet

  • This has a list of all our foods with information about which allergens are in the food and whether allergens are present in the factory where they’re made. To view our Food Information Sheet please click here. 

Sustainable Palm Oil Community project logo

We at Organix are committed to participating in the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community project.

We’ve removed palm oil from five of our six recipes and we’re reformulating the last remaining recipe to make sure we are palm oil-free by 2024*.

The Palm Oil that we currently use is RSPO Sustainably sourced palm oil.

By doing so, we know that we are fighting climate change and also helping to protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices.


*Subject to global availability.

As part of our ongoing sustainability commitments, we will be palm oil free across all of our Organix foods by Feb 2024. While you can expect the same great taste your little one’s love, removing the palm oil means our ingredients are more responsibly & ethically sourced and we are actively reducing our environmental impact, creating a brighter future for little ones and the planet.

All four UK Health Departments and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend babies are exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life, and continue to receive breastmilk throughout the first year and for as long after that as mum and baby want to continue. At Organix, we support this.

Breastmilk will provide enough energy and nutrients for growing and developing babies until they reach six months of age. Babies are rarely developmentally ready for solid food before about six months of age.

At around six months of age, your baby will need nutrients not available in adequate amounts in their milk alone, so at this time it is important they are introduced to solid food that is nutritionally adequate and safe while breastfeeding continues.

The important thing to remember is that if your baby is ready for solid food all three of the signs below will be there. Your baby is ready if they can:

1. Co-ordinate their eyes, hands and mouth, can look at food, grab it and put it in their mouth all by themselves.

2. Stay in a sitting position and can hold their head steady.

3. Swallow their food. Small babies instinctively use their tongues to push foreign objects out of their mouths, and until this reflex fades, they are likely to do the same thing to a spoon or a piece of banana.

For more about when and how to start introducing solid food to your baby take a look at our advice here

Our foods labelled 12month+ are not suitable for little ones under 12 months as the foods could pose a choking risk. When feeding them to your 12 month+ child please make sure they are sitting down and supervised to reduce the risk of choking.

The range caters for kids aged 3+ years, with more advanced flavours and textures which are designed for more developed palates used to more rich and intense tastes.

We have a wide variety of snacks that cater for under 3 years, including our number one selling range, Soft Oaty Bars and our popular Gruffalo Claws, which come in two delicious flavours: ​Barbeque and Cheese & Onion

Our pouches have been certified by the OPRL that they can be recycled* at Kerbside so you can just pop them in your recycling bin at home (this is subject to local councils so please check your local recycling) alternatively, they are also collected at larger stores with bags and other flexible packaging.

When we printed our packaging, these were classified as recyclable at larger stores, however since going to print we were able to get these certified as recyclable at kerbside, which is excellent news for you to be able to pop into your home recycling bin. For our next print production, we will be swapping the recycling logo to recycle at kerbside, so instead of recycling unused packaging and changing the artwork, we felt it best to use it as it is.

*In the UK. 

Whilst the lids can be replaced once the pot has been opened, and the pot can be washed and re-used, please be aware they are not spill proof so take care & do not tip upside down.

Our savoury meal pots contain ambient food and therefore do not need to be refrigerated while sealed.  Once opened, please refrigerate and use within 24 hours.  Alternatively, decant the food into a suitable container or ice cube trays and freeze.  PLEASE NOTE: The plastic pots are not designed for freezing temperatures so do not freeze directly. Ensure the food is consumed within 1 month and is fully defrosted before heating. 

Yes, this is perfectly normal and sometimes natural separation can occur as we do not use any preservatives or artificial ingredients to prevent this. Just stir to correct the consistency.

Our savoury meal pot recipes are safe to consume at room temperature, however, if you prefer to heat, simply pop the sealed pot into boiling water to gently warm it through.  Alternatively, decant the food into a microwave safe bowl to heat.  Ensure the food is stirred through to prevent hot spots and always check the temperature before feeding.  Safety Warning: PLASTIC POT IS NOT SAFE FOR USE IN A MICROWAVE – EVEN THE SMALLEST SHARD OF FOIL REMAINING CAN POSE A SERIOUS FIRE HAZARD

There are instructions on the box on how to make up Organix cereals. Use your baby's usual milk. Pour the suggested amount of milk into a clean bowl,sprinkle the cereal into the milk and mix thoroughly to prevent any lumps. Remember though that the preparation instructions are only a guideline,don't be worried about adding a little more milk or cereal to get a consistency that is just right for your little one. The amount of cereal you use depends on your baby's appetite, as your baby grows their appetite will too,so gradually increase the amount of cereal accordingly. If you use warm milk,you probably won’t need as much cereal as when you use cold milk. Always check the temperature of the cereal before you feed your baby.

The mixing instructions on our packs suggest using your baby’s usual milk to make up our cereals. To give you an example of the nutritional content of the cereal made with milk on the back of pack, we use a leading UK brand of formula milk. The typical nutritional values of our cereals made with other milks including breast milk* and cow’s milk are shown in our guide which you can find here.

* Nutrition values of breast milk are sourced from McCance & Widdowson’s, Sixth Summary Edition.  

We use a number of different types of packaging and can confirm that all are BPA Free.

Did you know that a whopping 99% of our packaging is recyclable*? It’s true! Our carton board is not only fully recyclable but also proudly carries the FSC certification.

When it comes to our flexible film, almost all of it can be recycled right at your local store. That means you can collect your biscuit bags, bar wrappers and snack bags and take them along to your nearby supermarket. Check out to find your closest drop-off point.

We make it easy to identify which of our products can be recycled by displaying clear UK recycling logos on all of our packs. You’ll know whether it's recyclable at your store, kerbside or not recyclable.

Exciting news! Our cereal bags are currently on trial using recyclable (at-store) film and are set to be launched in early 2024, fulfilling our target of 100% recyclable packaging! Woohoo!

*By weight, in the UK.

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