Changes we are making
Every now and then we need to make changes to our foods – it may be a change of an ingredient, recipe, packaging material or design or unfortunately, that we are no longer going to be selling a particular food or snack.

We understand that these changes can impact family life – especially if they are your little one’s favourite, or the only ones they choose or are able to eat. This is why we've now launched a Change We’re Making section – to keep you in the loop. Please visit this page, to be the first to know

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Organix range of soft oaty bars with the words changes we are making and ingredients around the range. Apple, orange, raspberries, bananas and oats.
Organix pack of Jammie Monsters and Gruffalo Biscuits with label that reads Palm Oil Free
Organix Toddler Biscuits – NOW PALM OIL FREE

Our Toddler Biscuits will be palm oil free by Feb 2024, but with the same great taste your little ones love. As part of our ongoing sustainability commitment, we have removed palm oil across our entire range, making sure every bite is as kind to the planet as it is to your toddler’s tummy.
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Organix pack of Gingerbread Biscuits, with ingredients around and an arrow pointing to the pack.
Organix Gingerbread Biscuits - NEW PACK WEIGHT

We are always looking at ways to make our foods healthier for your little ones, and portion sizes are an important part of that. We've adjusted the pack size of our Mini Gingerbread Biscuits to create a perfectly portioned bag for toddlers' tummies. With the same delicious taste, but now under 100 kcals per bag, you can be reassured that it’s the ideal snack for your little one
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Organix soft oaty bar out of pack with new recipe improvements on labels around the bar

From September 2023, our Soft Oaty Bar  range will have an improved recipe and packaging materials 
We have improved the quality of the ingredients by adding more high-fibre ingredients and reducing total sugar levels, without compromising on taste.  
At Organix, we always strive to provide little ones with the best foods that are both nutritious & delicious, and therefore in line with government guidelines on snacks for children being under 100kcals, we have reduced the size of our bars to 23g to help achieve this.   
In addition, we have also wrapped them all up in our newly developed, recyclable packaging so that parents can give their children a delicious and nutritious snack knowing that the wrapper can simply be placed in many supermarket recycling bins. 
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