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Usage of Cookies


We use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") on our website. Cookies are small text files sent by a website to your computer or mobile device and then stored by your browser when you visit a website.

Cookies may store information such as your IP address or other identifier, your browser type, and information about the content you view and interact with on this website. By storing such information, cookies can remember your preferences and settings for online services and analyse how you use them.


Types of Cookies


The use of some cookies is technically necessary for the operation of our website and is therefore permissible without the consent of the user (“Essential cookies”). However, we also use cookies to analyse usage behaviour in order to measure and improve performance of our site (“Functional Cookies”) as well as to serve ads that are relevant to your interests (“Marketing Cookies”). This may also include third-party cookies.

We only use Functional and Marketing cookies with your consent. You can find more information about the specific cookies we use, the data they store and their storage period in our Consent Management Tool, accessible via the thumbprint icon, which you can find in the footer of our website. Here you can also revoke or specify your declarations of consent at any time.

In addition, you can delete the cookies in the security settings of your browser at any time.


Consent Management tool


The consent management tool "Usercentrics" of Usercentrics GmbH (Germany), enables the users of our website to give their consent to certain data processing processes, to revoke their consent or to object to data processing. In addition, the Consent Management Tool helps us to provide proof of your declarations. For this purpose, log data on your declarations will be processed. The processing of this data is necessary in order to be able to prove that consent has been given.




Organix uses the Flashtalking platform for ad creation and delivery, device recognition, and advertising campaign analysis, applying both cookie-based and cookieless technologies to identify and connect devices. If you want to learn more about Flashtalking’s use of data and your choices, you can look in their Consumer Privacy statement here.