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Zesty Lemon Superpowers

• A powerhouse of Vitamin C to fight off germs and viruses.
• High Vitamin C content helps with iron absorption.
• Potassium will balance your little one’s fluid and electrolyte levels – great for hot weather!
• Fibre keeps tiny tummies healthy and digestion moving.
• Rich in antioxidants to prevent damage to precious new cells.

We have lots of ideas to help you include lemon in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing lemon: Lemon juice acts as a natural preservative and helps prevent peeled slices of apple from browning quickly. Squeeze lemon onto thin slices of apple and your toddler won’t be turning their nose up at sliced apple snack time.
Best to add lemon gradually until your baby’s digestive system matures a little.
Find more ideas for introducing lemon to each age group below.
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6-9 months

Squeeze lemon into apple or pear puree.
Stir a squeeze of lemon into natural yoghurt.
Grate a little lemon zest into your baby’s porridge.
Adding Lemon to any puree of cooked pulses will help your baby absorb the iron content.
Grated lemon in ricotta or cream cheese adds a zesty zing.
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9-12 months

Grated lemon zest packs a punch in homemade muffins and bakes – not forgetting the traditional squeeze of lemon on top of a pancake!
Squeeze lemon onto flaked fish before serving.
Lemon works well with risotto, green vegetables, pesto and pasta.
Sizzle some lemon zest in melted butter and toss your baby’s steamed broccoli, cauliflower, peas or green beans into it.
Towards 12 months your little one can enjoy a slice of lemon to lick or suck – get ready with the camera! You can leave the skin on or remove it with a peeler.
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12-18 months

If your little one has a zesty desire for munching on lemon, wedges can be offered now their digestion has matured to handle the acid levels in lemon.
Lemon slices in drinking water are a great way to boost Vitamin C intake and hydrate your little one.
Roasting lemon wedges alongside fish or veggies offers a delicious side addition to any meal for your little one to munch on.

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If using lemon zest in cooking always buy organic unwaxed lemons and wash before zesting.
Remove seeds from the lemon wedge or half before serving to your baby or toddler.
Lemon is highly acidic and may irritate the stomach and exacerbate reflux if your baby suffers from it.
The acidity of lemon if eaten whole and in large quantities can make nappy rash worse and cause discomfort.

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