Organix h is for houmous
Super powers!
Houmous Superpowers

• A superhero dip bursting with the goodness of chickpeas.
• Houmous offers a complete plant protein to support growth.
• Chickpeas are chock full of immune-boosting B Vitamins and Zinc
• Folate in chickpeas helps promote healthy red blood cells.
• Fibre keeps little tummies happy and supports digestion.

We have lots of ideas to help you include houmous in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing Houmous: Chickpeas are a highly nutritious legume and perfect for creating homemade houmous as a first taste.
Find ideas for introducing houmous to each age group below.
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Introducing Houmous at 6-9 months

Begin by offering chickpeas pureed and thinned with cooled boiled water.
Add lemon juice, olive oil and garlic puree sparingly in miniscule amounts to your homemade houmous.
Homemade houmous is perfect for dipping!
Organix Melty Carrot Puffs are the perfect accompaniment!
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Introducing Houmous at 9-12 months

Mashed chickpeas added to your homemade houmous provide more texture.
Flatten chickpeas with the back of a fork.
Once flattened offer as a finger food for pincer grip practice.
How about Houmous on toast for breakfast, lunch or tea?
Perfect for baby-led weaning! Soft steamed veggies dipped in houmous offer independent self-feeding.
Two boys eating biscuits
Introducing Houmous at 12-18 months

Get adventurous with your little ones houmous,
Add avocado, a pinch of paprika or pimp it with some cooked purple beetroot!
Whole-cooked chickpeas can now be offered as finger food or added to stews and casseroles.
Houmous is a great quick and easy sandwich filler too!

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Shop bought houmous can contain high sodium and preservatives or additives - always check the label.
Tahini in houmous is made from sesame seeds – consider homemade houmous without tahini for first taste,
Rinse canned chickpeas thoroughly and choose those with “no added salt”.
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