Organix v is for vanilla
Super powers!
Vanilla Superpowers

• Helps to ease tummy ache and aid digestion.
• Soothes inflammation and relaxes the nervous system.
• A calming effect and is shown to improve mood.
• Vit B6 regulates sleep.
• May help little ones experiencing teething trouble.

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Introducing vanilla: This aromatic plant is a vine with long pod-like fruits filled with teeny tiny seeds perfect for adding a natural sweetness to your baby’s food and with added benefits too!
There are different ways to include vanilla in your baby’s diet, depending on their age and needs.
Find ideas for each age group below.
A baby sitting on a high chair and eating
Introducing vanilla at 6-9 months

Vanilla pods are perfect for infusing any of your little one’s purees – pop in the pan whilst stewing fruit or steaming veggies and remove before blending to a puree.
Heat some butter and scrape a tiny amount (1cm) of vanilla bean into the melted butter and cook for a minute before adding a steamed vegetable of your choice – works beautifully with mashed root vegetables.
A smiling baby holding some food
Introducing vanilla at 9-12 months

Leaving the ends intact create a split in the pod and pop it into any milk-based puddings you are cooking.
The heat of the cooking will release the aroma of the vanilla pod – remove it before cooling and serving.
Great to infuse rice puddings, porridge and custard.
Vanilla beans will enhance all your finger food bakes from mini muffins to pancakes!
Vanilla enhances meat dishes so pop in a pod when cooking a casserole or curry. Remember to remove before serving.
Two boys eating biscuits
Introducing vanilla at 12-18 months

Add a teeny scraping of raw vanilla bean pod seeds to your baby’s yoghurt.
Cream cheese takes on the aromatic spice of vanilla adding a wonderful natural sweetness to spread on toast, rice cakes or even stir into pasta.
Adding a scrap of vanilla bean to homemade milk, yoghurt and fruit-based ice lollies offers the perfect natural sweetness for a soothing cool treat.

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In general extract is a natural product whereas essence is synthetic.
Avoid any vanilla with added sugar or alcohol base.
Best to purchase vanilla seed pods and use them to infuse cooking or add a scraping of seeds to your baby’s food.
Use fresh moist beans and store in an airtight container in a cool dark place out of sunlight.

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