Organix r is for raspberry
Super powers!
Raspberry Superpowers

• This super berry is a member of the rose family and bursting with immune-boosting vitamin C.
• Full of fibre – up to 120 seeds in each berry!
• The oil in raspberry seeds provides skin-nourishing vitamin E vital for little ones' delicate new skin.
• Zinc, folate, and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids support babies brain function.
• Raspberries' red/pink colour contains anthocyanins – a great anti-inflammatory to boost babies’ health.

We have lots of ideas to help you include raspberries in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing raspberry: The clusters of individual bobbles on a raspberry are called drupelets and each one contains a seed, there are often 100-120 seeds in each raspberry! There are different ways to include raspberries in your baby’s diet, depending on their age and needs.
Find ideas for each age group below.
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Introducing raspberry at 6-9 months

Puree raspberries to serve on a spoon or as a dip.
No need to sieve the seeds as they contain all the fibre and Vit E.
Mash raspberries with the back of a fork and stir into your little one’s yoghurt, porridge, rice pudding or custard.
A smiling baby holding some food
Introducing raspberry at 9-12 months

Perfect for baby-led weaning! Cut fresh raspberries in half and offer them as finger food.
Raspberries are perfect for adding a natural sweetness to pancakes or mini muffins.
Mash raspberries with cream cheese and spread on a rice cake.
Two boys eating biscuits
Introducing raspberry at 12-18 months

Offer whole but slightly squashed.
Frozen raspberries can be smashed up in a bag – the tiny frozen drupelets are ideal for sore teething gums!
The tiny drupelets offer excellent pincer grip practice.
Raspberries go really well with ricotta cheese. Think pink by pairing raspberries and ricotta and stirring them into pasta.

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Raspberries that are firm or unripe and served whole can present a choking hazard.
To reduce the risk, choose raspberries that are big, ripe, and soft.
Squash, flatten or halve raspberries to keep your baby safe.

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