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Super powers!
Quinoa Superpowers

• This superhero seed is a complete plant protein!
• Iron content helps oxygenate blood cells.
• Magnesium supports muscles and blood vessels.
• Fibre in abundance keeps little tummies happy.
• Omega 3 and 6 are important for your baby’s brain development.
• Manganese is essential to help your baby metabolise protein and fat efficiently.
• Phosphorous and Copper for healthy bone growth.

We have lots of ideas to help you include quinoa in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing quinoa: Quinoa can be messy and fly far and wide, so consider adding to homemade finger foods or offering as new texture in already accepted foods. If pureeing quinoa add extra water to the cooked grains until it reaches a desired consistency. Can be frozen in handy ice cube-sized portions.
Find more ideas for introducing quinoa to each age group below.
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Introducing quinoa at 6-9 months

Pureed Quinoa – Perfect for thickening or adding texture and protein to already accepted fruit or veg purees.
Quinoa offers a morning serving of protein that’s perfect for pepping up porridge.
Stir pureed quinoa into yoghurt for a boost of amino acids to support your growing baby.
A smiling baby holding some food
Introducing quinoa at 9-12 months

Cooked Quinoa can be challenging as a texture on its own and be quite dry.
Add to mashed avocado and spread on rice cakes.
Stir into more liquid foods like soups, risotto or mashed veggies.
Mash with soft fruit like berries or banana and stir into yoghurt.
Fold into cream cheese, houmous or your little one’s favourite dip.
Two boys eating biscuits
Introducing quinoa at 12-18 months

Popped Quinoa can be added to your baby’s morning cereal and milk.
Use cooked quinoa in finger food recipes - think pancakes, mini muffins, savoury oat bites and veggie fritters.
Quinoa can be used in place of rice or couscous and added to stews and casseroles.

Organix Recipes

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Quinoa Bites
9-12 Months
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Quinoa and Kale Bites
12-18 Months
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Quinoa although a seed is not a highly allergenic food.
Quinoa should be rinsed before cooking.
Saponins are present in the quinoa coating.
Saponins are a waxy texture that protects the plant from insects.
You can soak quinoa in water for 30 minutes to help remove the saponins that might cause intolerance or allergic reaction.
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