Organix p is for peppers
Super powers!
Peppers Superpowers

• A Vitamin C superhero – one of the best sources for your baby.
• Ready steady go with Red Yellow Green and Orange to choose from!
• Bursting with B Vitamins for brain development and blood cells.
• Packed with immune-enhancing antioxidants.

We have lots of ideas to help you include pepper in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing pepper: The natural sweetness in peppers along with their vibrant pop of colour helps them become an easily accepted food whether pureed, roasted or steamed. There are different ways to include peppers in your baby’s diet, depending on their age and needs.
Find ideas for each age group below.
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Introducing pepper at 6-9 months

Steam or roast pepper (Popping in an airtight container whilst hot will help the skin to peel off easily).
Offer your baby half a cooked pepper with the skin removed.
Pureed pepper makes a great first food offered as a dip or from a spoon.
A smiling baby holding some food
Introducing pepper at 9-12 months

Steamed or roasted pepper cut into strips with the skin removed.
Perfect for baby-led weaning! Offer small pieces of cooked pepper with the skin removed for pincer practice.
Pep up your houmous with some roasted pepper puree.
Pairing cooked lentils with cooked peppers helps your baby reap the benefits of the rich iron and vitamin c content.
Finely chopped cooked pepper offers a great texture addition to dishes.
Two boys eating biscuits
Introducing pepper at 12-18 months

Thinly sliced strips of raw pepper.
Bite-sized cooked pieces of pepper with the skin on.
Cooking time for pepper can be reduced to offer more bite.

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Raw pepper can present a choking hazard especially once your little one has teeth to break pieces off.
If offering raw make sure pepper is very thinly sliced.
Pepper skin can get stuck to the roof of your baby’s mouth or in their throat and cause coughing, reduce this by removing the skin.
Avoid offering the seeds from inside the pepper as they are very bitter.
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