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Iceberg lettuce Superpowers

• A member of the sunflower family!
• Iceberg has a mild, sweet flavour and a pleasant crunch.
• Iceberg might get a bad reputation for not being as nutritious as other lettuce yet it's packed with goodness.
• Vitamin A which helps to build a healthy immune system.
• Vitamin K is vital for blood clotting.
• Folate supports your little one's growing body and brain.

We have lots of ideas to help you include iceberg lettuce in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing iceberg lettuce: There are different ways to include iceberg lettuce in your baby’s diet, depending on their age and needs.
Find ideas for each age group below.
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Introducing Iceberg lettuce at 6-9 months

Lettuce can easily get stuck to the roof of your baby’s mouth or tongue and be tricky to chew.
Offer the rib or backbone of the leaf to munch on and remove the leafy part.
Your baby will find an iceberg rib an intensely satisfying audible experience.
Handling and tearing iceberg leaves is a wonderful sensory activity for little hands.
Add lettuce to other vegetables when cooking and preparing puree. Lettuce, leek and potato are a tasty combination!
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Introducing Iceberg lettuce at 9-12 months

Finely Shredded lettuce can be offered from 9 months+
Blitz lettuce in a food processor or herb chopper.
Add to a yoghurt and herb dip to help manage the texture.
Perfect for baby-led weaning! Offer an iceberg rib as a dipper.
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Introducing Iceberg lettuce at 12-18 months

Iceberg lettuce leaves make a great wrap for taco-style mashed beans, cream cheese and avocado.
Use an iceberg leaf as a bowl for your little one’s snack!
Finely chop iceberg to add crunchy texture to a grated cheese sandwich.
Iceberg is a great substitute for raw cabbage in a more toddler-friendly slaw.
Finely grated lettuce and carrot mixed with mayonnaise and chives.

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Be sure to wash or soak lettuce well before serving.
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