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Super powers!
Fish Superpowers

● Fish are swimming with omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for brain, heart and eye development.
● Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and trout contain essential nutrients like zinc and selenium, known for their immune-boosting properties.
● An excellent source of high-quality protein, essential for the growth of muscles, bones and tissues.
● The iron in fish supports the production of haemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen around the body.

We have lots of ideas to help you include fish in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Introducing fish: Make sure the fish is cooked thoroughly; it should be soft and easily flaked with a fork.
Find ideas for introducing fish to each age group below.
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Introducing fish at 6-9 months

Start with mild varieties like cod, sole or haddock.
Offer a dose of ‘vitamin sea’ with bite-sized pieces of soft, flaky fish that are easy for tiny hands to grab.

Blend cooked fish with other baby-friendly ingredients like sweet potato, peas or carrots to create a healthy puree.

Experiment with different cooking methods, such as baking, steaming or poaching, all of which will help retain the natural flavours and nutrients while making the fish tender and easy to chew.
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Introducing fish at 9-12 months

Encourage your little one to dive into a dip – perhaps a creamy, yoghurt-based one with a hint of lemon or dill – to accompany their fish.

Create fish cakes with mashed potatoes, then use a cookie cutter to turn them into fun ocean-themed shapes – think starfish, mermaids, shells and, of course, fish.

Serve with colourful sides such as steamed vegetables, mashed sweet potato or bright fruit slices to make the meal more visually enticing.

As your baby grows, offer varying textures, like flakes, chunks or patties.
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Introducing fish at 12-18 months

Make a mealtime splash with mini fish tacos. Offer small, soft tortillas filled with flaky fish, shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes.

Lay out various dips – like tartar sauce, ketchup and hummus – and allow your child to dip, dip, dip to their heart’s (and stomach’s) content.

Introduce a variety of fish types to expand your baby’s palate – try salmon, tuna or trout alongside the milder options.

Get creative with recipes: Give the likes of fish frittata, mild fish curry and fish pie bites a whirl.

Organix Recipes

Baby Fish Pie Recipe
6-9 Months
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Fish Pie With Watercress Sauce
10+ Months
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Fish Tacos
12-18 Months
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Fish is a common allergenic food, so be watchful for any signs of an allergic reaction when introducing it to your baby’s diet.

Ensure the fish you serve your baby is boneless. Obviously.

Certain fish may contain higher levels of harmful mercury; avoid shark, swordfish and tilefish.
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