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Kale Superpowers

• Kale is the Superhero of the veggie world!
• The most nutrient-rich vegetable.
• With more Vitamin C than an Orange to support growing immune systems.
• A top-up of calcium for strong healthy bones.
• Vitamin A for good vision.
• Vit K to support your baby’s blood system.

We have lots of ideas to help you include kale in your little one's diet. Please scroll down for more information.
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Schlurrrp, munch, crunch
Introducing kale: Kale is perfect for helping little ones learn to love the bitter taste of greens.
There are different ways to include kale and other bitter greens in your baby’s diet, depending on their age and needs.
Find ideas for each age group below.
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Introducing kale at 6-9 months

Steam or boil kale until soft then puree with a little lemon juice and butter.
Babies might find the bitterness of Kale quite challenging, but persistence will pay off!
Don’t be tempted to disguise the taste of Kale but stirring cream cheese into a serving will boost calcium and fat content for your baby.
A smiling baby holding some food
Introducing kale at 9-12 months

Remove the stalk of the Kale leaves.
Finely chop and steam until soft. Once cooked finely chop again and serve as a finger food.
Kale can sometimes get stuck to the roof and sides of your baby’s mouth.
Offer a sip of water or milk to help wash it down.
Finely chopped cooked Kale is great added to omelettes and then cut into strips.
Use Kale puree as a pasta sauce.
Two boys eating biscuits
Introducing kale at 12-18 months

Dehydrated Kale chips are a super snack or side dish for the whole family.
Tear the leafy part and discard the stalk.
Rub with Olive oil and place on a baking tray.
Pop in the oven@140deg for 18-22mins.
Finely chopped kale works well in casseroles and stir-fries.
If your little one loves to dip – offer Kale puree as a dip for pasta pieces.

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Kale features high on the dirty dozen with one of the highest pesticides residues.
Buy Organic fresh or frozen Kale for optimum nutrition with no nasties.
Kale can sometimes get stuck to the roof of your baby’s mouth – offer a drink of water or milk to help wash it down.
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