Scrummy snacks & tasty tips - perfect for adventures in the sun!


  • Bite size: Pack a variety of finger foods as little explorers are likely to eat more if they can pick up bite size bits and pieces.
  • Mini veggies: Naturally small foods make a great healthy choice. Little explorers will love raw sugar snap peas, mini peppers or baby carrots.
  • The classics: Don’t forget sausage rolls, sarnies or wraps with assorted fillings. You could add some grated carrot or beetroot for a veggie boost!
  • Salad days: Swap sandwiches for pasta, rice or couscous salads - adding chopped veggies and fruit in different colours to make a colourful rainbow!
  • Delicious dips: Blend your own hummous – why not add some beetroot or carrot to make it really bright and eye catching.
  • Crisp swaps: Bake very thin slices of apple in a low oven until dried out like crisps for a healthy snack without the salt and oil. Our puffcorn and cheese & herb puffs also make a great alternative to crisps for little ones. 
  • Fast fruit & veg: Cut into fun shapes with a knife or mini cutters and pack in see through tubs for some healthy fast food – carrot, cucumber and melon work well.
  • Name game: Get imaginative with fun food names- who doesn’t want to eat magic wands or swords (breadsticks), swamp slime (guacamole) or pirate gold (chunks of cheese)!
  • Cool drinks: If the sun’s out you’ll need lots of water and using a thermos will keep it cool.


  • Pack everything in your fave picnic basket
  • A large picnic blanket to chill out on
  • A cool bag to keep food chilled
  • Bright cutlery, plates and bowls add a splash of colour
  • Re-usable, colourful silicone cupcake or muffin cases are great for individual portions.
  • Wipes or antibacterial hand wash to clean dirty fingers
  • Empty bags for your rubbish and recycling
  • Sun cream and a hat  - and maybe even a rain coat, as you can never predict the British weather!!