Silence your little food critic with these top tips and #wonderhacks!


But remember it might be down to other reasons like sleepiness, teething, appetite and illness. Some days your toddler may not be in mood, so make sure to give yourself a break.


  • Baby steps: Don’t aim too high, its about tiny steps little and often
  • Right size: A large plate of food to a toddler might be overwhelming or too filling, so make sure you’re giving them the right size portions
  • Explore together: Recognise your own hang-ups about food. Little ones are great imitators, so set a good example
  • Keep it fun: Even if they don’t try something on an occasion, they’ll be more likely to try again if they remember how much fun they had last time
  • Mix it up: Find different places to have your food adventures it will make it more appealing to your toddler
  • High five: Make sure to praise any achievement no matter how small
  • Timing is key: And to keep going, the results will come!