Try some of these Wonderhacks to help ensure your playdate is not a recipe for disaster …

  • Share info: If you’ve got a little guest coming ask their parents what they like to eat or let your little one’s hosts know about their likes and dislikes. Preparing ahead of time can help stop any snack-time showdowns!
  • Fun food plates: Super cute and great for little eaters as a “picky plate tea” - you can even turn them into a fun activity too.
  • Simple treats: Homemade muffins, cookies and banana bread are tasty choices, and for a little fun in the your little guests can help decorate them too!
  • Timings everything: Give a start and end time to the playdate, keep it short - for a first playdate: an hour and a half is plenty.
  • Two’s company: for toddlers the phrase three’s a crowd could not be truer!
  • Limit the toys: Put away any faves to avoid arguments and keep the choice to just a few.