It only comes around once a year, but the thought of planning and hosting your little one's birthday can be a daunting one. But with these wonderhacks, it can be a piece of cake!

  • Be prepared:  Do as much as possible before the big day, from packing party bags, to blowing up balloons – remember to make extra just in case you have any unexpected guests!
  • Keep it simple: stick to foods you know little one’s love, you don’t need to put on a fancy spread to wow your guests. Have some grown up nibbles and drinks too in case parents stay for the party.
  • Less is more: Lots of excitement means many little party animals eat less, start with the sarnies so they’re not shunned in favour of something sweet!
  • Host at home: Little ones may feel more comfortable and if they get overwhelmed you can take them somewhere quiet and familiar. Plus, it’s no problem if little guests can’t make it last minute!