Little ones are more likely to eat and try new foods they’ve helped cook and rainy days are the perfect opportunity for getting them into the kitchen, exploring ingredients and cooking together.

We’ve rustled up some handy wonderhacks and ideas to try!

  1. Take your time: Cooking with toddlers takes longer than you think so allow plenty of time.
  2. Keep little fingers busy: Choose simple recipes, anything that takes too long or is too complicated is only going to end in tears!
  3. Add a little wonder: Don’t worry about deviating from a recipe, if your little helper suggests adding a little onion to a dish why not try it?
  4. Tiny tastes: Taste as you go! It’s the best part, who doesn’t love licking the cake bowl!?! Plus trying new flavours and ingredients will keep little ones enthused and encourage them to eat the food when it’s ready.
  5. From shop to plate: Getting little ones involved with every step, from a trip to the shop, playing waiter and clearing the plates after dinner.
  6. Get a little messy: Let your little one get hands on, squashing and squeezing so they enjoy the experience and want to help out again.
  7. Mini me: Child size utensils, like a small sieve, a tiny wooden spoon and a small whisk are great - a tablespoon and a cereal bowl are just as good though!
  8. Play dress up: Whose little one doesn’t love dressing up? Buy a small apron, and maybe even a chef hat!


Here are 10 jobs that are perfect for budding little chefs to help with:

  1. Cracking eggs
  2. Decorating biccys and cakes
  3. Kneading and rolling out dough
  4. Cutting out fun shapes
  5. Using a sieve
  6. Cutting soft fruit (make sure they’re supervised!)
  7. Rubbing in butter and flour
  8. Mashing!
  9. Rinsing veggies 
  10. Sprinkling herbs and spices.


Getting little ones to help cook is a great way to help them learn, take a peek how:

  • Cook by numbers: You can help your little one with their counting by getting them to count eggs or measure spoonfuls of water.
  • Take direction: Following a recipe is a great way to help them understand step-by-step instructions.
  • Wonder of science: Let them see what happens with too little flour or too much baking powder!