We’ve been pioneering change since Organix began, promoting our healthy-eating message through reports and campaigns.

2002: Carrots or Chemistry?

Taking an in-depth look at the state of children’s food and calling on the UK government to create stricter standards and regulations.

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2003: Food for Life

Highlighting the poor quality of food served up in school canteens. Sparked Jamie Oliver’s School Dinners TV programme and led to new nutrition standards for school meals.

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2007: Not What the Doctor Ordered

Calling for healthier food options in hospitals and leisure centres and recommending the development of clear, national guidelines.

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2008: Georgie, Porgie, Pudding and Pie

Highlighting the poor quality and lack of regulation in food served in nurseries and calling on the UK government to create nutrient-based standards.

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2013: Out to Lunch

A campaign with the Soil Association to get high street eateries to offer better quality kids meals, with a league table of popular restaurants published every year.

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2016: Engineering Taste

Shining a light on the murky world of food engineering and showing how misleading claims of ‘natural’ or ‘real’ ingredients are leaving parents confused.

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2018: Food You Can Trust

A campaign, with celebrity Mum Cherry Healy, exposing the hidden added ingredients in some children’s snack foods & helping parents be more ingredient savvy.

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We’ve been turning retailers into food leaders, helping parents be ingredient savvy and testing alternatives to plastic packaging. Read more in our latest sustainability report.