Turtle Time Fun Plate

  • Turtle Time Fun Plate Recipe
  • 10-30 minutes to prepare
  • Makes 1 Fun Plate
  • How to make

2 semi-circle slices of orange
2 red grapes, sliced into circles, plus 1 red grape, halved lengthways
4 fifth’s of an Organix Goodies Banana & Date Chunky Fruit Bar*
1 raisin, cut into two

Step 1 

Place the two semi-circles of orange in the middle of the plate, pushed together to form a circle

Step 2

Add the half grape for the head, then arrange the round grape slices on the top of the orange for the shell

Step 3 

Cut the Organix Fruit Bar into chunks, then arrange the pieces around the edge of the orange for the turtle’s legs

Step 4 

Finish the turtle off by placing the two raisin halves on the grape ‘head’ for the eyes

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Recipe notes 

Eat straight away!

*May contain nuts as this food is produced in a factory that handles nuts. 

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