Traffic Light Lollies

  • Traffic Light Lollies Recipe
  • 60+ minutes to prepare
  • Depends on the size of your lolly moulds
  • Can be frozen
  • How to make

1 mango
1 orange
200g strawberries
1 kiwi
2 pears
Some water

Step 1

Peel and dice the mango and squeeze the orange. Blend together in a blender or with a hand blender until a smooth orange puree is formed. A little water can be added to make it thinner and less concentrated for a milder flavour

Step 2

Pour some of the puree into mini ice pop moulds and freeze for at least 3hrs or until hard and set. This is your amber pop!

Step 3

Repeat this same process with the strawberries for the red pop

Step 4

Do the same with the kiwi and pear for the green pop. Unless the pears are very ripe or you have a powerful high speed blender, it's easier to lightly steam the peeled pear and allow it to cool before blending

Step 5

This recipe will provide approximately 250ml of each puree. Depending on the size of your moulds, or the number of moulds you are using, you may wish to adjust the amount of each puree you make. Or you could find another use for any leftover puree!

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Recipe notes

The number of lollies depends on the size of your moulds and how many lollies you want to make. If you only have one mould you could make them in batches, storing the puree in the fridge while each batch is freezing.

You can try this with other fruits depending on what's in season, like blueberries and blackberries for a fantastic purple pop. You can also add a spoonful of yogurt for a more creamy pop, or add in some chopped up chunks of fruit for added texture. If the pops are tricky to get out of the moulds when frozen, place the mould under a running tap for a few seconds and it will easily loosen.

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