Roaring Rocket Fun Plate

  • 10-30 minutes to prepare
  • 1 fun plate
  • How to make

3 Organix carrot sticks
2 x pieces of peeled cucumber – 1 round slice, 1 long slice cut into a triangle
1 slice of red pepper
1 slice of emmental cheese cut into a moon and some stars

Step 1 

Place the 3 carrot sticks on a dark coloured plate to form the body of the rocket.  Add the cucumber triangle for the top

Step 2 

Make cuts into one edge of the red pepper slice to form flames then add to the bottom of the rocket

Step 3 

Place the cucumber circle on top of the carrot sticks for the window

Step 4 

Add the cheese moon to the plate.  Finish your fun food plate with a scatter of cheese stars


  • Dairy ingredients

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Recipe notes 

Eat straight away.

Be safe!  If you want to serve this fun plate to younger babies then ensure the textures and piece sizes are suitable for your little one.  

You may need to cook the red pepper until soft, and use larger pieces that they can hold themselves in their hands.
Ensure you buy a pasturised emmental cheese or you could use an alternative such as cheddar if you prefer.

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