Organix Stage 1 6m+


  • Ratatouille - Baby Food Recipe
  • Ratatouille ingredients
Organix Stage 1 6m+
  • Under 10 minutes to prepare
  • 10-30 minutes to cook
  • Makes 3-4 portions
  • Can be frozen
  • How to make

1 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
2 large tomatoes
1 red onion
½ red pepper
½ a yellow pepper
½ a small courgette
½ an aubergine
1 bay leaf
A sprig of fresh thyme

Step 1

Chop all the vegetables into small bite size pieces

Step 2

Heat the olive oil in a pan then add the onion and crushed garlic, cook together until softened

Step 3

Add the vegetables with the thyme and bay leaf and leave to cook until the vegetables begin to soften

Step 4

Add the tomatoes and continue to cook until the vegetables are tender. Add a little water if necessary if the dish starts to dry out

Step 5

Remove the thyme and bay leaf before serving. Purée the ratatouille to a suitable consistency for your little one. Once your baby is used to the texture you can mash or chop it rather than puréeing.

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Recipe notes

For toddlers and the rest of the family serve the ratatouille as a sauce over wholegrain pasta with a sprinkling of grated cheese or serve with grilled chicken and some home-made bread.

*The Department of Health and the World Health Organization recommend nothing but breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby's life. At around 6 months your baby may show signs that they're ready for solid food.

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