Pumpkin Bread

  • Pumpkin Bread Halloween Recipe
  • 60+ minutes to prepare
  • 10-30 minutes to cook
  • 1 loaf
  • Can be frozen
  • How to make

450g raw pumpkin (you can use butternut squash or a similar root vegetable if you prefer)
4 eggs
60 ml olive oil, coconut oil or other vegetable oil if you prefer
3 teaspoons baking powder (gluten free if you prefer)
300g plain flour (whole wheat or a gluten free flour could also be used if you prefer)
Pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top (optional for 12 months +)

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 180°C / 160°C fan / gas mark 4 and line a loaf tin (10cm x 20cm) with baking paper

Step 2

Remove the skin and seeds of the pumpkin, then grate it and combine with the eggs and oil in a large bowl

Step 3

Stir the baking powder into the flour, then sieve this into the pumpkin egg mixture and fold in to combine

Step 4

Spoon the mixture into the loaf tin and sprinkle the top with the pumpkin seeds (if using - these can be finely chopped if you prefer or are serving from a younger age)

Step 5

Bake for approximately 1 - 11/2 hours – check after at least 1 hour as times may vary depending on your oven and temperature. Check with a knife – it should come out clean!

Step 6

Remove from the oven and allow to rest in the tin for 1 hour before removing, then allow to cool on a wire cooling rack before serving


  • Gluten ingredients
  • Wheat
  • Eggs

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Recipe notes

Great toasted at breakfast, but tasty at anytime of the day. Serve with unsalted butter, nut butter or hummus. Also great to top, why not try some slices of avocado. When cut into fingers it makes a great finger food for when you're out and about.

You can experiment with flavours by adding some chopped fresh herbs, or you could also try using other root vegetables such as parsnips, sweet potatoes or even beetroot! If nuts aren't a problem you can also try replacing the plain flour with ground almonds, which gives a richer and slightly more dense loaf.

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