Fruity Piggy Fun Plate

  • Fruity Piggy Fun Plate Recipe
  • 10-30 minutes to prepare
  • 1 fun plate
  • How to make

Fruit puree
3 pieces of banana – 1 oval slice cut on the diagonal, 2 quarter slices
2 blueberry halves

Step 1

Pour the fruit puree into a small bowl

Step 2

Using a drinking straw, cut two holes in the oval shaped piece of banana to create the pig’s snout. Place the banana slice on top of the puree

Step 3

Add the 2 remaining quarter slices of banana for ears

Step 4

Halve the blueberry then finish your fun food plate with the 2 halves for the eyes

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Recipe notes

Eat straight away.

Be safe! Blueberries should be cut in half until your child is able to chew foods safely.  

If you want to serve this fun plate to younger babies then break up or mash the fruit pieces into the fruit puree before feeding, ensuring the texture is right for your little one to manage.

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