Fantastic Mr Fish Fun Plate

  • Fantastic Mr Fish Fun Plate Recipe
  • Fantastic Mr Fish Fun Plate Recipe
  • 10-30 minutes to prepare
  • Makes 1 Fun Plate
  • How to make

1/3 kiwi fruit cut into long triangles
2 round slices of orange cut into 3 semi-circles and 2 small triangles
4 green grapes, sliced into circles
5 Organix Goodies Strawberry & Apple Gummies
4 Organix Goodies Blackcurrant & Apple Stars

Step 1

Arrange the kiwi fruit triangles at the bottom of the plate for seaweed

Step 2

Place two of the semi-circles of orange in the middle of the plate, pushed together to form a circle then add the third semi-circle to make the fish’s tail

Step 3

Arrange the sliced grapes on top of the orange for the scales, leaving one part of the orange clear for the face. Add the triangles of orange for the fins, then a Strawberry & Apple Gummie for the eye

Step 4

Finish the fun food plate off by scattering the Blackcurrant & Apple Stars among the kiwi seaweed for star fish and arrange the remaining Strawberry & Apple Gummies above the fish for bubbles

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