Dippy Eggs & Asparagus Soldiers

  • Dippy Eggs & Asparagus Soldiers Recipe
  • Dippy eggs and asparagus soldier recipe
  • Dippy eggs and asparagus soldier recipe
  • Dippy eggs and asparagus soldier recipe
  • Under 10 minutes to prepare
  • 10-30 minutes to cook
  • 1 portion
  • How to make

1 medium egg
3 asparagus spears

Step 1

Boil your kettle

Step 2

Place the egg in a lidded saucepan, then very slowly pour boiling water into the pan so that it comes halfway up the side of the eggs

Step 3

Turn the heat on and continue to boil for another minute, then turn the heat off and put the lid on the pan. Put a timer on for 8 minutes, or 10 minutes for larger eggs. The egg will cook in the residual heat

Step 4

Meanwhile snap the tough ends off the asparagus

Step 5

When the timer goes off, scoop the egg out and pop into an eggcup. Plunge the asparagus into the boiling water and turn the heat back on to medium for 3-4 minute

Step 6

Bash around the top of the eggs with a teaspoon and slice off the top. The yolk should be a little soft, perfect for dipping


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Recipe notes

Let your little ones explore dipping their asparagus soldiers in the egg. This is a wonderful tactile supper, best eaten with the fingers! Little spoons can be used to scoop out the eggs, again let your little ones practice with a spoon, and help when needed. Add some toasted bread for left over egg if gluten isn't a problem. Harder boiled eggs can be peeled and sliced and served alongside the asparagus for younger babies.

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