Organix Stage 1 6m+

Chicken & Sweet Potato Mash

  • Chicken, Sweet Potato & Asparagus Mash Recipe
  • Chicken sweet potato and asparagus mash ingredients
Organix Stage 1 6m+
  • 10-30 minutes to prepare
  • 10-30 minutes to cook
  • Makes 3-4 portions
  • How to make

1 sweet potato
1 carrot
30g cheddar cheese
3 spears of asparagus
50g chicken

Step 1

Peel and dice the sweet potato and carrots, grate the cheese, and roughly cut the chicken into pieces

Step 2

Sauté the chicken pieces in a medium/hot frying pan for about 8-10 minutes, turning frequently. Check it is cooked all the way through

Step 3

Chop the cooked chicken into even smaller pieces approx. 1cm x 1cm.

Step 4

Steam the carrots and sweet potato for approx. 10 minutes until soft, then add the asparagus for an additional 4 minutes (you can boil the vegetables instead if you prefer)

Step 5

Mix all of these cooked ingredients together with the cheese and allow the cheese to melt


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Recipe notes

You can use scissors to chop the ingredients to a more manageable but still chunky texture, or mash for a softer texture. For an early weaning purée blend the mixture until smooth.

*The Department of Health and the World Health Organization recommend nothing but breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby's life. At around 6 months your baby may show signs that they're ready for solid food. 

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