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As little ones grow they spend more time outside the home, and you will want to know the good habits you are setting at home continue wherever they may be eating.

Here we share tips on what to look out for when eating outside the home, at nursery or at a restaurant.

At nursery

If you are looking at nurseries and food, here are some questions you may like to ask.

If the nursery staff are unsure of the details, you can ask to have a chat with the cook. They will probably be delighted that you're taking an interest in their menus and what they are cooking for the children.

Nursery questions

Food for Life

We support the Soil Association Campaign for better food in nurseries because we believe children have a right to healthy food too.

We know that nursery food can be great when staff make food a priority. When a nursery has a Food for Life Catering Mark it is a positive sign that the nursery will provide quality fresh food. 

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Eating out

With 1 in every 9 meals eaten outside the home it’s really important for you to have good choices when you eat out with your family, but often children’s choices are restricted to the same unhealthy options.

There are some simple things you can ask for so that they can enjoy a healthy meal too - ask for a child’s portion of adult meals, children’s cutlery, and a jug of tap water on the table.

The more we ask for what our children deserve, the more restaurants, pubs and cafes will listen and make changes.

The power is in your hands!

The Soil Association Out to Lunch campaign asks for simple changes:

  1. Freshly prepared food
  2. Children’s portions of adult meals
  3. Free tap water on arrival
  4. Children’s cutlery as standard
  5. Breastfeeding mums to be made welcome

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