Our views on food

Organix was founded in 1992 to do something different and important.

We have strong opinions about what makes for good food and believe food companies should only sell foods for children that are nutritionally sound, and never harmful.

That's why we've spent every day making sure that we're setting standards for others to follow and giving families the information they need to make good choices about what to buy and eat.

How safe is the food we eat?

The food industry is regulated to ensure that food is legally safe for us to eat so there's no immediate cause for concern. However, we don't just eat in the moment, we eat every day, many times a day, and make choices every time that will impact our health and that of our families.

The lack of governance over the longer term impact of the food we eat is something we are concerned about and want to see change.

What's in our food?

In our busy lives it's often tricky to be sure quite what we're eating. We've got serious concerns about some of the foods on sale that contain unnecessary, or poor quality ingredients that none of us want to eat.

The companies who make them use clever tricks to hide it from us, or disguise what they're doing, all within the law.

Are we really buying this?

We know there's no such thing as a free lunch and the same often applies when it comes to our food. When its shouting at us loudly about one thing but carefully not mentioning other things we might want to know, when we make our choices about what to buy and eat.