For Us Not You

For Us Not You

We've carried out some research that reveals 1in 4 parents pinch their little one’s snacks!  And it seems your little ones are far from impressed ...

From our research, nearly half of parents admit to sneakily stealing their little one’s snacks under the guise of tasting to check it’s OK.  With 1 in 5 saying they’ve been given ‘the look’ by their child when they’re caught stealing their food! 

So what if little ones had a chance to speak out? We've partnered up with comedian Sam Avery to give these little explorers a say: For Us Not You, A Little One’s Perspective!

Little ones might not be food connoisseurs, but from rice cakes to carrot sticks and gingerbread men, they tend to know what they like, and they’re keen to try things for themselves.

Our Head of Food Development, Emily Day, says, “Our foods are specially made for little ones, with age appropriate tastes, textures and developmental benefits.  We always use real ingredients to give flavour, so our snacks are really tasty, it’s no wonder parents sometimes swipe them too!”

Have you been caught swiping your little ones’ snack?
How did they react?

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