Food You Can Trust

Food You Can Trust

Organix is launching a nationwide junk busting campaign, to investigate what’s hiding in some of the leading baby finger foods and toddler snacks marketed for little ones.

 We have  partnered up with TV personality and food investigator, mum of two, Cherry Healey to drive our campaign. You can get involved too and share what you find using #FoodYouCanTrust. 


Top Tips

Watch our top tips on what to look out for when choosing baby finger foods and toddler snacks ...

Check the labels

What is claimed on the front of the pack does not always match what you would expect the ingredients to be, so make sure you check the labels of any food that you buy, it’s critical to knowing what’s in the food you feed your family.

Look for ingredients that you recognise, that would appear in a recipe, or that you would find in your kitchen cupboard at home. If there are too many ingredients, or ones you don’t recognise, the more additives there are likely to be. 

Our handy cut out and keep guide will help you make the best choices for you and your family.


Children need a diet low in salt.  Salty snacks aimed for adults are completely unsuitable for little ones because of the high sodium content, so too are baby finger foods and toddler snacks that contain comparable levels of salt. There’s no nutritional need to add salt to convenience finger foods and snacks, and neither is it necessary for flavour when herbs, spices and tasty ingredients can be used to give flavour. Always look at the back of pack to check for added salt within the ingredients list.

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