Finger foods

Here's a handy guide to give you some inspiration for some different finger foods for your little one to discover at every stage.

  • From 6 months
  • From 7 months
  • From 9 months

From 6 months

Baby can
Sit supported
Hand movement
Grasps food in the palm of their hand
Uses a raking scooping hand movement
Co-ordinates hand to eye
Takes food directly to the mouth
Finger foods to try
Avocado, banana
Soft cooked veg and fruit slices/pieces e.g. sweet potato slices, cooked carrot batons, apple pieces

From 7 months

Baby can
Sit unsupported
Start to crawl and explore
Bear full weight on feet
Hand movement
Transfers food between their hands
Starts to develop pincer grip (picks things up with thumb and forefinger)
Pushes things away, if doesn’t like them
Learns cause and effect e.g. drops items, shakes a rattle to make a noise
Finger foods to try
Textured foods with a little bite e.g. corn puffs and rice cakes
Well cooked egg slices, slices of cheese, raw grated veg, cucumber slices
Cooked veg e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, courgette and green beans, baked potato strips
Peeled and sliced fruit e.g. kiwi, melon, peach, strawberries, quartered grapes
Cooked pasta and noodles e.g. macaroni, fusilli
Toast or bread soldiers

From 9 months

Baby can
Understand simple verbal commands
Stand and cruise with improved dexterity
Hand movement
Uses pincer grip
Holds a spoon and transfers to mouth with their hands
Is able to manipulate small objects
Finger foods to try
Smaller, chewy finger foods e.g. peas, sweetcorn, cherry tomato halves
Dry cereals
Well cooked meat or fish
Sticks of fruit and veg
Chunks of cheese
Breadsticks and pitta bread

Tasty finger foods to try

Top tip

As you and your baby grow more confident, you can have fun with all sorts of foods, including serving food at different temperatures.

Why not dip a rice cake in houmous and put it on the table or high chair tray for your baby to pick up, or try warm, soft cooked carrot batons or potato wedges dipped into veggie purees.

“While I finish serving up the main course, I give Anwen sticks of pepper and cucumber to dip in some houmous, cream cheese or tzatziki. It keeps her busy, and also helps to give a wider range of foods in a meal.”

Frankie & baby Anwen