This is our pledge to you, that shapes everything we do so you know precisely what is and isn't in our foods.


We promise to use only organic ingredients in everything we make. We believe that’s what makes our food so tasty. Beyond the deliciousness, by using only organic ingredients we’re making a smaller impact on the environment. We’re giving animals who help make our ingredients, like the chickens who lay the eggs, to the cows that give us milk and the bees who pollinate our crops, the best welfare standards possible.

Scrummy, ethical and great for the environment? That’s a winner in our book!


We promise to only use recognisable ingredients, which serve a purpose. Always free from artificial colours, preservatives, with no added salt or sugar, with clear labelling and easy to recognise ingredients. Parents can feel good about giving our foods to their little ones – fuelling their wonder, and love of real food, along the way.


We promise to set the best standard in what good food for children should be. We’re passionate about improving the quality of kids’ food, everywhere – from home, to restaurants, to supermarkets, to the school canteen. Our scrummy snacks are made with little ones in mind coming in suitable portions to help meet their developmental needs.

So, when we’re not dreaming up tasty foods, we’re out shouting our healthy eating message from the rooftops; campaigning policy-makers, food manufacturers, retailers and consumers to remove all unnecessary ingredients. Flying the flag for organic ingredients. And encouraging brands to be clearer about their labelling, to help parents make the best decisions for their little ones based on fact.