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Organix No Junk Challenge: Take the challenge, cut out the junk.

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I want to find out how to buy, cook and eat
'No Junk' food.

The Dirty Dozen

Helping you understand food labels

Do you ever struggle to know what you should avoid when you look at a food label? We have popped together a handy guide of the 12 additives we believe simply shouldn't be in food. If you spot any of them, try and find an alternative.

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The No Junk Food Journey

Help your little ones make smart choices for life

We’re facing an invasion of junk food. It’s everywhere, from our shops and schools to our cupboards and kitchen tables. But we do have a choice—each time we shop, cook, and eat. Our chart shows how you can help your children make the right choice at every stage of their journey.

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A few meals to get you started

Ghost pizzas
Ghost pizzas

A ghoulishly good treat for your little one that will get them shrieking (with delight!)

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Spooky pumpkin risotto
Spooky pumpkin risotto

A few special touches and a little imagination transforms this into a spooky Halloween dish

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Sweet Halloween pumpkin muffins
Sweet Halloween pumpkin muffins

The perfect use for those pumpkin carving leftovers and helps get little ones (and big ones!) tucking into healthier treats

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It’s all about
healthy food and healthy children

We all want to feed our families well. But we know it’s not always easy to make good food choices.

The No Junk Challenge aims to help. It’s a way of finding out what’s in our food and tucking into simple meals made with real ingredients. We’ll also have lots of activities, prizes, and ways to share your kitchen adventures.

What it’s really about, though, is starting a food revolution. We don’t want junk in what we buy, and we want the industry to change. We need the government and the food industry to do their part. That means tough controls on salt, fat, sugar and artificial additives in what our little ones eat.

At Organix, we believe in our ability and responsibility as a business to make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to make healthy and nutritious food accessible for everyone. We want to make it easier for parents to find, cook and eat healthy food full of simple ingredients and free from junk.

Our children deserve it. So, join the No Junk Challenge and learn how to find, cook, and eat #NoJunk food.

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